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Gluttony: The Musical

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T-giving nizzle sure as sneakers is a time to eat, drink and be merry... and eat a little bit mo'. A little turkey, a lotta pie, a whole lotta red wine. And maybe we thought a little bit about the butter and the cream and the c-c-calories that can eat you up and spit you out plop smack dab onto the couch in the exact shape of your lumpy aqua bean bag chair from seventh grade that you sat on every time you prank called the boy you had the maaajor crush on for that month during swing choir. So yeah, it's a lot of consumption and at least a little repercussion action for it. But.

BUT. What if you could eat whatever your little heart and your now not-so-little stomach desired for the whole of Thanksgiving? Or just any day, for that matter? What if you could choose one day - how bout today? - to eat whatever you wanted with no consequences? No stomach aches, no smelly aches, no stomach rolls.*

THEN. This is what we would eat on this dreamsicle of a day (in order):

1. Chai Tea Cupcakes
2. Coffee*
*first cup black, then some sugary sweetness thrown in
3. Mango Cream Cheese Cupcakes
4. Mini chocolate cupcakes with lemon butter cream frosting

Mid-Morning Snack:
5. Colby Monterey Jack cheese from Wisconsin that our de lovely sista brings home for the holidays
6. Kashi 7-grain crackers
7. Diet Mountain Dew (3-5 cans)

8. Extra creamy goat cheese from the farm in Champaign where T-dawg used to work
9. Betty Crocker Confetti cupcakes
10. Jalapeno poppers
11. Diet Mountain Dew (2-4 cans)

Mid-Afternoon Snack:
12. Repeat Morning Snack

13. Repeat Breaky
14. Repeat Lunch

Late-Night Snack:
15. Whiskey Cokes (a considerable number)


*We are positive that this happened in a movie involving purgatory and trying to get into heaven and a love story, but for the life of us (haha, get it?) we cannot think of said movie. Sorry, Charlies.


Care said...

Defending Your Life! I loved that part about the movie...they were bingeing the whole time and there wern't any calories. xoxoxo

judithe & francine said...

Aghh!! OMG only you would know that answer. I heart you, Carebear. And yes, I loved that part of the movie too...