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Listen Up, Sallies

t-shirt love

Heyyy, brothas. Watch it, now. We're armed, we're dangerous, and we have a hankering for this zexxy shirt. Because ya gotta have your guard up when you're out here on these streets.

Looky here, babes on toyland. If you want to avoid danger with a capital D, here are five basic rules to live by of what never to do:
1. Leave your house wearing nothing but Chanel No. 5
2. Look meek
3. Let your full knowledge of Saved By the Bell trivia be known
4. Wear your underwear outside of your pants
5. Cross Michigan Ave when the Do Not Walk sign is flashing. Just trust us.

One thing to always do no matter what:
1. Wear this shirt.

Get it, dearies. And what to add to this list, por favor??



Anonymous said...

I need this shirt shipped ASAP. I'm a turf war survivor. Shooting outside my building over a PARKING SPOT, Monday 10PM. Good thing I was lame at home watching the Hills and not outside running the streets. I'm in the midst of finding a new apartment...maybe in the 'burbs.

patrashbag, thug, gang war survivor.

Sweetie said...

6. Never let another dog eat your poop straight out of your butt hole, I speak from experience.

judithe & francine said...

If so, I have the coolest dad ever.
If not, I still have the coolest dad ever, and I also just love this tip.

judithe & francine said...

PS - Trashbag, you needs to be careful and you DEF need to buy this shirt. Yo.