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Cookie Cocaine.

So we recently gave up sugar for the big rezzy so naturally at lunch we bought a giant sugarfree chocolate chip cookie cause it had no sugar, it was free from sugar. Do you think sugar had oppressed it previously? Did it escape The Sugar Jailhouse? Well either way, we're not sure how it escaped sugar's chokehold, that will always remain a mystery. But it did seem rather silly, even at the time.

Especially because it really did look just like the real thing. And now seems really really rather false because we feel verrrrry spiked in the blood stream and also kinda like we might just barf out a yule log and the room is a little spinny and kinda zingy.

Bottom line, we don't really want to change (see ya never, rezzo) and not so sure that the original cookie should either. Plus something odd is in sugarfree materials. We just know it we just know it!!!

Say "NO" to Sugarfree Cookies- Bleckkk,


ewop said...

Hmmmm - that reminds me of when Colleen and some other friends worked at a bagel place in college - and put out both the "regular" and "fat-free" brownies in the bakery display case. There WAS a big difference between the had a little tag in front of it that said "Brownies, $1.99" and one said "Fat-free brownies, $1.99!"

Anonymous said...

Are hot doggies considered in this rezzy?

judithe & francine said...

hot dogs will NEVER be resoluted or whatever! they are like permanently on base or something, if like we were playing tag with them. what an analogy!!!!!!


hot diggity dog friday yep yep toot toot beep beep. mustard.