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Life & Loss.

What: Philosophy & life lessons from one cool kid.
Where: Minnie's for the best little hamburgers, little sandwiches; and little drinks.
Why: Their cousins's dog just died.
When: Yesterday, noonish.

Fran (ageless): We used to have a black poodle. A big one, named Mary Ellen, when I was your age. She was great...sweet...nice. Anyway, I was there when she died. I was about ten and we came home from a trip...and she died.
Jack (9): How did you know she was dead? Did she collapse?
Fran: was really sad. I just sat there...and pet her. And tried to make her comfortable.
Jack: Well, it's the circle of life. I mean, you just gotta respect that.

wise & wonderful truths are everywhere,


*a said...

i serrriously luv that your poodle's name was mary ellen. even if this is not a trufe....don't ever tell me. i just want to live my whole long-legged life believ'n that your big poodle's name was mary ellen.

Pa Trash said...

At age 9 who ever knew you could have an old soul.

judithe & francine said...

Mary Ellen was wonderful! We called her Mary for short. Thoroughly confusing um, many MANY of my mother's friends (who shared the name).

judithe & francine said...

This is the best story EVER. Love it, love you.

judithe & francine said...

Confusing them when she yelled at her that is. Like:

Dinner Party

*Mary 1: (confused face)
*Mary 2: (offended and confused)
*Mary 3: (maybe shedding a quick tear even)
**Mary The Poodle: walks over to mom with tail between legs

*Benson, Readel, & any Sterling Mary at even given time

**she was so cute she looked like a big black lamb but kind of fatter and more lazy and no baaaah-ing.

Care said...

I like this post. Applicable for dogs and people too. Sometimes all you can do for someone is sit there, touch them, and think good thoughts to send them to heaven.