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Spaced: Our Life 2.0

There are some things that make you feel like you. They make you feel like home.

So just watch, cheries. Just watch. We know you might not be able to right this moment, or in the next 50 moments today. But at some moment on some day (hopefully oh so soon) you will. So watch. Because this little snippet illustrates why we love more than peas love pods the brief but spectacular series Spaced. It's funny, it's soulful, it's pure delightful. And it makes us feel at home, not like this is or was our life but that it almost sort of could be our life.

The clip we've chosen above is the first part of the first episode, so you're not missing one introduction to the lovely world that is Spaced. So watch. And don't watch in an ugh-I-feel-like-I-have-to sort of way, because we're not trying to beat this down onto you or force you to like what we like. But isn't life about new experiences? See now, it's hard to argue with that gem of a string bean.

Okay now dearies, really someone should have barked at us to Skip To the End. Annnd... skip to the end.


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