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Don't Let the Man Getchya Down

photo love

From the first moment Bonnie slides her girly-girl pearly-painted fingers along Clyde's gun barrel, we were hooked. Really now, is there any sexier coupling in movie history than Front Row-dressed Southern-swirling Bonnie & Clyde?

And yea we knowso, everybody lurves these two - it's so eeeasy. But what we especially love, beyond the sexual innuendos and the fabulosity clothes (seriously, she was rocking flats decades before Sofia or Scarlett) and the easy-breezy accents, is how all Bonnie really wants - we mean really radically wants - in the whole wide whimsical world is to get outta Dodge.

Right when they meet, he pegs her right smack-dab for the daydreamin' waitress she is, hatin' her job every day she walks in to all the questions and needs and responsiblities. And he pegs himself oh-so-prettily as the Man-hatin' renegade he is. The guys who's sure as sugar not against the people. He doesn't want to steal or kill from anyone that crosses his path. His aim is to take from the big guys (probably wearing suspenders, don't you think?) and... well, not give to the small ones, a la Robin Hood, but more like take for himself and his girl Bonnie.

Ohh, yes, we heart 'em alright.

And let's not even get started on Bon-Bon's haircut. Swoon.


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