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Word Soup

art love

weekend n.
Two consecutive days that allow for sleeping in, dining out, and temporarily forgetting that you have a job.

We received this little dandy from one of our girls, and oh my my how much we adore it. And maybe someday we won't, maybe someday we'll live for the weekdays too, maybe someday we'll adore what we do during those weekdays and we'll genuinely revel in the wonders of the working world.

But for now, munchkins, we live for the weekends, we live for the Saturday morning coffees and papers, we live for for the tangled sheets and the extra desserts and yes, the temporarily forgetting that we have any responsiblities come Monday morn.

So live it up this weekend, poppits. You deserve it.



Care said...

YaY! Weekends are the best! xoxoo

Care said...

p.s. Brad Renfro died?? Are you okay mag? i know you 2 used to go out. :) back in the celeb days. Top Gun en espanol was on TV last week...I thought of you.

judithe & francine said...

Um, yea. I'm okay, I THINK. I mean, we really strayed apart over the years, what with his excessive drug use and hence aging 20 years in about 5 actual ones. But still, that was one of my big ones. Bless his artistic soul.

Amanda said...

might be one of the best posts yet. livin for the weekend babes!