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It's a digital age, man. So to you we present our virtual talk show of Nonsense: The Silly. The Beautiful. The True. In our own words or those quoted by others. With our own art or that created by others. We will laugh. We will smile. We will entertain you all the while. So grab a drink, come in and let's chat. We'd like to meet you, your mama, and your hot cousin Fred.


Frances & Judy, M.D.

art love

Greetings, from the feature office of Dr. and Missus Frances Judith Merriweather Poppins.

No, we're not married. We're the medical term most closest to being unidentical untwins. And the point remains that we think, act, live, and breathe in the imaginary. If we fall down and get scraped up, our blood runs in rainbow colored ziggles. We like words. Colors. Stories. A fantasy-based reality. We like music. Art. Quotable quotes and laughable anecdotes. We like dreaming by starlight and dreaming by daylight. We like painting pretty pictures. In thought, word and by hand. By land or by sea. That's where we belong, that's where we'll be.

So without further adieu and after Saturday night daisy vodka brews, we realized what we would do.

We would get our PhD in Creative.

We hear of PhD's in Philosophy. Psychology. And with meds. What don't we start a revolution and get our doctorate in shakin' out what's in our left brained heads?

Are you interested too? Let's start a petish. Let's huddle at coffee shops and talk, drink, and dish. We'll come up with a plan that makes us big bucks. We'll be scholars and pathpavers, a wild unruly fratty bunch.

Other jobs are jest soy milk bizzzzoringggg!


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